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Floods and droughts, two problems with one solution.

Odvádzanie vody z lesov

Following my knowledge and observations I suggest that specific measures should be taken as soon as possible in order to:

01Reclaim logging tracks consistently and immediately after logging has been completed by transverse agitation of the compressed soil with a suitable excavator from top down;

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16 schema zadrziavanie dazd vody eng-02

02Reclaim forest roads by eliminating road drainage ditches and by keeping them only in places where the road stability would otherwise be compromised;

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03Eliminate culverts. Keep them and a small ditch next to them only in places where a spring oozes out of the slope above the road;

04Adjust the methodology of designing, constructing and inspecting new forest roads accordingly. It is imperative to incorporate the concept of rainwater dispersal in the vegetation on the slopes below the road as early as the design phase of a forest path and to implement it particularly in the construction stage,

05Elaborate technical solutions for the dispersion of rainwater on the slopes under existing forest roads with asphalt or other solid surfaces.

06Reclaim each m2 of forest ground degraded by heavy machinery, as soon as possible after logging has finished, by transverse agitation of the compressed soil with a suitable excavator, from top down.

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07Wherever possible, make it a priority to retain rainwater by building water systems where it falls or disperse it in the forest vegetation instead of building anti-flooding dikes and dams and storm lakes at the foot of the mountains and plains;

08Perform field observations in the mountains to monitor how water behaves on the newly built forest roads, logging roads, and machinery tracks during rain to discuss facts and the proposed remedies.

01Drainage of hills and subsequent floods

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02Drying out of streems, rivers and forests covers, lowering of groundwater levels

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03Overheating of land due to lack of water resulting in warming of the atmosphere

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The more side ditches, skidding roads and tracks of forest machinery, the more water is taken away rapidly into rivers causing floods in lower altitudes while the forest growth in the mountains become dehydrated.


Unaware of what we do we take water away from the mountains (dehydrating natural environment – forest growth, trees) while at the same time invest a fortune to construct dams in the lowlands so that we could protect human lives and property against floods.

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