cchenDear Sir,

My name is Štefan Vaľo and I am an expert with practical experience in the field of climate change. I have gained all of my knowledge and skills during the many years I have been focusing on the issue. I have been working in the construction industry – earthwork in particular – for more than 40 years. And in all that time I have also been in close contact with the soil and water.

With the major climate conference COP 21 in Paris approaching it is important that we inform the delegates about the following:

Climate change is an unquestionable fact and, inter alia, it is manifested through floods and droughts. In 2009, I came to realise that the main triggers, apart from greenhouse gases, are two phenomena caused by human activity, spreading so quickly and furtively that most of people hardly notice them. The first phenomenon - compressed soil which prevents rain water from soaking into the ground - allows water to run off speedily along the surface to lower areas instead where it causes floods and washes fertile soil away into the oceans. The second phenomenonthe man-made slopes with millions of pores broken during construction activities. Such broken pores can no longer function as they are supposed to and start to drain the slopes. Similar slopes can be found in the walls of drainage canals in lowland areas and in the ditches along the roads, where they dry out the surrounding landscape. In mountainous terrain, such slopes can be found above highways and roads, in tracks left by heavy machinery as well as above other constructions and they can drain entire forests above the slopes for scores or even hundreds of metres.

Scientific measurements have shown that in Europe 1m3 of soil contains some 200 to 500 litres of water. This water is mainly in pores which basically represent drinking water reservoirs reaching to plant roots, headstreams and groundwater sources. As such, they have an immensely important and irreplaceable function in securing life on the continents. Yet they can only work when they are not broken or interrupted.

Every day, enormous compressed areas appear which drain soil with increasing speed. Because of these, we are draining the soil of water the consumption of which has increased sevenfold compared with the 19th century. Yet, how much has the surface water runoff increased? Manifold for sure – yet no one monitors this.

In the last 30 to 50 years, these phenomena have led to major natural disasters, which have been incorrectly attributed to greenhouse gases until now. Both lay and expert public attributes them to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases, especially that of CO2, in the atmosphere. In general, the climate change phenomenon is more and more limited to the discussion on greenhouse gases only. However, my long-term observations, measurements and research prove that it is the growing size of compressed soil areas and the growing number of man-made slopes which causes:

  • Fast water run-off from the continents;
  • Floods and landslides;
  • Drying out of streams, rivers and forests;
  • Decreasing of groundwater levels.

Drained continents heated by solar radiation subsequently heat the atmosphere excessively, which results in global warming. As a result, the following occurs:

  • Droughts and forest fires;
  • Melting of glaciers;
  • Rising of the ocean levels

This clearly shows that all of the abovementioned negative phenomena are caused by human beings and their draining of the continents which deteriorates the climate even further.

The solutions which can help our nature are simple and inexpensive.
If we stop draining our continents, we will:

  • Stop overheating of continents by solar radiation;
  • Stop overheating of atmosphere (water vapour reflecting solar radiation out of the atmosphere will rise into the atmosphere instead of dry hot air)
  • Stop melting of glaciers, which will subsequently stop ocean levels from rising;
  • Stop floods and droughts;
  • Reduce forest fires;
  • Stop decreasing of groundwater levels;
  • Stop drying out of streams and rivers;
  • Stop landslides.

We can mitigate climate change and prevent the disasters brought along with it to the same extent to which we can stop draining of continents.

Štefan Vaľo

In 2011 I implemented my solutions in three locations in Slovakia – in the municipalities of Ťahanovce, Repejov and Oľka; and in one municipality in Ukraine. The result was effective immediately and it is still fully functional and sustainable.

You can check the veracity of my words in documentaries Draining of Soils = Climate Change and Climate Change, Causes and Countermeasures, in which information on my observations, measurements, research and countermeasures can be found.

An enormous increase of the compressed soil areas and of the man-made slopes. The two phenomena which have been causing climate change in the last decades must not be omitted at the upcoming climate summit in Paris. Therefore, I would like to ask you to use your authority in order to motivate the conference attendees to discuss the negative impact of human activity in forests and on agricultural soil.

Enclosed in this letter are the two DVDs with the above mentioned documentaries Draining of Soils = Climate Change and Climate Change, Causes and Countermeasures.

The same appeal will be sent to the presidents, heads of governments, members of parliaments and to the media in EU and G7 countries as well as in other countries of the world.

Yours sincerely,


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