Lowering of greenhouse gases emissions will not stop global warming! Let’s look beneath our feet, at the ground we drain everyday by compressing soil and creating man-made slopes. Solar radiation heats up the drained soil quickly, resulting in global warming!

Dear COP 21 delegates,

Our continents lack water. It is a major problem which, according to scientists, is caused by increased evaporation. To find the real cause, however, we need to look beneath our feet – it is the increased rainwater run-off from continents. It is caused by the following:

  1. Compressed soil, which prevents rainwater from soaking into the ground and allows it to run off speedily along the surface to lower areas instead, causing floods and flowing into the oceans.
  2. Man-made slopes, which, through broken pores in the soil, drain the surrounding nature as far as hundreds of metres from these slopes. These pores act as drinking water reservoirs, reaching to plant roots, headstreams and groundwater sources. Compressed or broken pores are no longer capable of fulfilling their function, though, and they are draining the landscape instead.

And this is the problem we need to address immediately.

Scientists claim only 3% of soil in Slovakia is compressed. Yet, according to official data from 2012, Slovakia has 4.7% of built-up areas, i.e. the compressed areas where rainwater cannot soak into the ground. However, scientists have failed to account for the practically immeasurable compressed soil area in forests and on the fields.

Moreover, scientists have failed to mention – and perhaps even failed to explore – the influence of man-made slopes. According to official data, Slovakia has 42,993 km of roads and 40,300 km of forest roads. Man-made slopes in ditches or above the roads can be found by almost all such road constructions. We also need to add some 6,000 km of slopes in draining canals. Thus, the total length of draining slopes in Slovakia is some 89,300 km.

Yet, this number does not include man-made slopes which can be found above the unused logging tracks and in tracks left by heavy machinery. It is estimated that the total length of such tracks is more than 3 times that of the forest roads, i.e. some 120,000 km (if there’s anyone who has information about higher numbers, feel free to correct me). As results from the abovementioned, our country is drained by some 210,000 km of draining canals in total.

The measurements I have carried out in East Slovakian Lowland (Východoslovenská nížina) have shown that the level of water in the countryside is definitely affected by the man-made slopes in the canals. When the level of water in canals rise or fall at the times of heavy rainfalls or during the snow melt, the same is happening with groundwater levels in the surrounding fields, which I have verified in a well located 350 metres away from such canal. Groundwater level can rise or drop by almost a meter within 5 to 15 days (if the Slovak Academy of Sciences carried out similar measurements, their outcomes will confirm my claim). Assuming these man-made slopes drain the surrounding countryside through broken pores as far as 150 m from the slopes throughout the year, the area of drained land amounts to 31,500 km2, which represents 65% of the total area of Slovakia.

We also need to factor in the slopes in hilly areas above small gardens and other constructions and compressed agricultural land, the area of which is virtually immensurable.

We only need to take one look at the dry brooks, fields, forests, empty wells and the nearly empty riverbeds everywhere in Slovakia to see these claims are true. Dear Doctor, it is clear that our country, as well as the entire world, face a growing problem represented by the lack of water on continents. Scientists have to come up with a solution which will help the people on this planet.

I am not a scientist but I have spent all my life in the midst of nature. My documentaries, available at www.povodne.sk, indicate the ways in which we are destroying the nature, but they also introduce effective solutions which can help us retain vast volumes of water on the continents, and consequently:

  • Stop overheating of continents by solar radiation;
  • Stop overheating of atmosphere (water vapour reflecting solar radiation out of the atmosphere will rise into the atmosphere instead of dry hot air, thanks to which continents will be heated only partially);
  • Prevent floods;
  • Revive sources of brooks and rivers;
  • Make groundwater levels rise;
  • Prevent droughts and forest fires;
  • Stop melting of glaciers and rising of ocean levels;
  • Mitigate climate change.

Most importantly, we can secure sufficient amounts of drinking water for us and for the generations to come. My solutions are effective immediately, sustainable and they have been tested and in 2011 confirmed by the measurements carried out by the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Dear Doctor, it is important we bear in mind that unless we start to take steps to solve this issue and fill continents with water, the situation will become unsustainable and insoluble and we will see more climate refugees and more water-related conflicts which can potentially lead to wars. Therefore, your mission in Paris should be to help to find such solution. Thank you.

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You can read open letters to the governments of various states.

I trust 2015 Paris Climate Conference delegates can solve the problem before it’s too late.

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